John Fulton

We're heading back once again in a few days for our 15th tour of duty at Cape Ann and Thacher Island as Lighthouse Keepers. We are spending seven weeks again this season. Several years ago we made a trip to Camden, Maine to see the island and lighthouse where John's great, great, great Grandfather Isaiah Barbour had been the keeper in the 1860's and where his great grandmother Addie Lincoln Fulton had been born. See the TI link below and the newsletter for November 2012 for an interesting story on both those relatives.
Our annual trip to The Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, IL is on again this year in late September or October so please check back then for more Adventues in Living. jfulton50@aol.com 404 259-7914 cell

We hope you enjoy seeing our pictures here. Look for additional upcoming galleries as we continue our Adventures In Living.

Thacher Island web site: http://www.thacherisland.org/

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